Writing Goals – January 2019

By my participating in StoryStorm 2019, I am inspired to start setting writing goals for myself. There are two types I will start with: daily and monthly. As time goes by, I may start setting long-term goals. Of course, as with any goal, one must come up with a plan of action to fulfill it. I will have to take it day by day.

With that being said, I would like to share some of my writing goals with you. Want to be my cheerleader, and hold me accountable on taking the action needed to reach my goals? You are welcome to do so. I can be your cheerleader too. We writers need to stick together, right?

Daily Writing Goals

  1. Write (at least) ONE blog entry a day.
  2. Edit one of my pieces.
  3. Write at the same time each day.

Monthly Writing Goals

  1. Write in a different genre.
  2. Write a different type of piece.
  3. Choose a writing project and focus only on it.
  4. Enter a writing contest.

As for long-term goals, I will not rush into it. I am just going to take my time. I do not want to put myself under extreme pressure. I would hate to have my creativity crushed.

StoryStorm 2019 Update

I made it through the first day. However, as of this writing, I am two days behind. Tomorrow, I will have to play catch-up. My participation in this annual challenge has re-ignited my desire to write. This makes me a happy gal, especially with being in a slump, and not having written much in a long while.

What are YOUR writing goals for 2019?

Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Until next time…



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