StoryStorm 2019 Day 1

Today, the annual StoryStorm 2019 has begun. It is something I look forward to each year.

Fun fact: StoryStorm was originally called PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month).

You might be wondering what StoryStorm is. It is a yearly writing challenge, held every January, that is open to all writers. It is hosted by Tara Lazar. Each day, there is an article posted by an author who is a guest blogger. After reading them, you come up with writing ideas. That is all – writing ideas. By the end of the month, you should have thirty ideas or more.

The featured author and guest blogger today was Cathy Breisacher. She was a participant in PiBoIdMo 2014, and her idea for Day 10 resulted in the following upcoming books: CAVEKID Birthday  (available March 2019) and Chip and Curly: The Great Potato Race (available May 2019).

Cathy Breisacher - AuthorPhoto Credit Tara Lazar

Day 1 article: Cathy Breisacher Pictures Her Ideas

In Cathy’s article, she speaks about how pictures can inspire writing ideas. They can be from anywhere – personal photos, various websites that offer free clip-art and stock photos, even the front of greeting cards and traffic signs. Talk about a whole lot of options for photos to draw writing inspiration from! Now, an interesting option Cathy mentioned was a game called Awkward Family Photos. That ought to be a site to behold, right? We cannot forget about Google either. Just type in a topic and it is a cornucopia of images at your fingertips. She also mentioned StoryBird – Art Samples of Illustrators.

Awkward Family Photo GamePhoto Credit Tara Lazar

My favorite part of Cathy Breisacher Pictures Her Ideas was her statement:

Pictures will speak to you, but you need to do three things for that to happen: Stop, look, and listen.

Then, she expands on each of the three things. I will share them with you below.

1. Stop: Take a few minutes each day during this month-long challenge to find a source of pictures.

2. Look: Take a close look at the picture. Take it all in: the character(s), the expressions, the details, the background, etc.

3. Listen: Are there any questions popping up in your brain? If not, you want to train your brain to ask questions.

I really enjoyed Cathy Breisacher’s article. I hope you find it as helpful as I do. I highly recommend you read it. The link to it can be found above.

Want to know more about Cathy Breisacher? Check out her websites. For your convenience, I have linked them below.

Cathy Breisacher on Twitter

Cathy Breisacher on Facebook

Cathy Breisacher’s Author Website

Keep an eye out for her books too! I know I cannot wait for them to come out!


Photo Credit Cathy Breisacher

What are some of YOUR favorite sites to find pictures?

I would love to hear from you. Please comment below.

Until next time…

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