Everyday Inspiration Day 6

Today, describe the space where you write. If you don’t have a dedicated place, what is your ideal setting?

I prefer to write in a quiet space. However, I do listen to instrumental music while I write. My television stays on “Soundscapes” Cox’s Music Choice channel. I find this music calming. It clears my mind and relaxes me.

My favorite place to write is at a bookstore. When I lived in Georgia, I spent a lot of time in the cafe at Barnes and Noble. So much that the employees and I were on a first name basis. Despite the hustle and bustle of fellow bookworms throughout a bookstore, it still is the best place for me to write.

If I cannot get to the bookstore, I do have a secondary place. The IHOP right behind where I live. I order coffee and begin writing. It is somewhat of a challenge to focus while there. However, after a while,  I can tune out the noise around me and write in peace. I cannot tell you how I can. I just do.

I hope to get a writing desk specifically for my writing soon. Trying to write at our bar counter is a challenge. I get it done though. That is all that matters. Well, when my cat, Spot, is not distracting me anyway.

Where is your ideal writing space? Do you have one?


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