Everyday Inspiration Day 5

Today, use a quote from something you’ve read to introduce your post — it’s called an epigraph.

Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.” Anne Lamott

This quote is one that resonates with me. It should with all writers.

No writer starts out with perfect writing. If they do, kudos to them. Just like learning any new skill, it takes practice – lots of it. To help us on this path we chose, there are many aids to help us advance our skills. These include books, videos, off- and on-campus Continuing Education classes. The list goes on.

I remember when I first started writing, I felt like I was the best of the best. Of course, at some time or another, we all feel that way, right? I had my 5-subject notebook and pen in hand, and would scribble away. Sometimes, in my English class, I would be writing poetry while the teacher spoke about whatever the English topic of the day was. Yes, I should have been paying attention instead of writing, but, I had to. I still passed English class. However, I had to keep telling myself to pay attention in class, I could write later.

Since I have chosen the quote of Anne Lamott, I should bring up her book, Writing Down the Bones.” I have bought, and read, many writing books. I am glad I bought hers. She is down to earth, and a no-holds-barred kind of author. In her book, Anne shared her experiences and was blunt in her words. I loved that about it. Do not sugar-coat anything when trying to tell me something about writing. Just say it!  I want the cold truth. I can take it. I would recommend Anne Lamott’s book, Writing Down the Bones, to any writer – beginner or expert.

What books on writing have inspired you?


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