Everyday Inspiration Day 4


Use one of the images above as the creative spark for today’s post — use it as the setting for a poem, write about how it makes you feel, or describe a memory it conjures.

The image I chose to use is the first one.

I love to be around nature. I enjoy walks in the park, hiking the nearby mountain trails, and just sitting in nature.

Whenever I write, and find myself stuck, I always take a nature trip. I load up my backpack with my materials and head out. In nature, I am at peace. I am able to think better. The stresses that I deal with daily disappear – albeit temporarily. However, I am able to write again. It is a great feeling. While in nature, I tend to go into a meditative state. This helps to unblock my creativity and calms my spirit.

When I was younger, I used to sit against my favorite pine tree, in my backyard. I would meditate for a few minutes, then start writing. I spent a lot of my youth with that tree. It was my sanctuary because other plant life grew around it. The plant life formed a type of protective circle of sorts. I always felt safe, happy, and creative with that tree. My writing flourished. Those were my best writing years.

Do you have a special affinity with nature? Does spending time in nature get your creative juices flowing?




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