Everyday Inspiration Day 3: One-Word Inspiration

Prompts come in many different forms. Sometimes, a single word is all you need. Here are six:

  • hope
  • regret
  • home
  • choice
  • secret
  • abundance

I have many hopes and dreams. Granny, God rest her soul, always called me a daydreamer. This followed me throughout my school years. Yes, I am a daydreamer. How else am I supposed to visualize my dreams coming true?

One of my hopes, is to publish and edit books. This is a two-part hope. I want to write and publish children’s books. However, I want to edit books in various genres. My true calling is the path of a writer. My dream career, and the one meant for me, is in writing. It is something I love to do. Writing brings me joy.

Another one of my hopes and dreams is to be a mother. I want children of my own flesh and blood. However, it is hard to not give up on that one. My husband and I have been trying to have children for three years. God knows we cannot afford fertility treatments or anything of that nature. I already know what I would have, should I be blessed with the fulfillment of that dream. Two boys and a girl. I already know their names too. I hope that it happens for  us someday soon. I am trying not to lose hope. It is not easy.

I will share one more dream with you. I dream of going to Ireland, at least once in my lifetime. I am Irish. My heritage includes: Irish, Cherokee Indian, Dutch, and German. I feel drawn to Dublin, Ireland. However, I do not know why. Maybe that is where my Celtic ancestors came from. I hope my mom can answer that one.

What are your hopes and dreams?



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