Not a Regular Blog Post

As you know, my blog is mainly about anything writing or reading related. Everyone knows they go hand-in-hand.

Today, I am going to write an off-topic post.

April is coming up. It is Autism Awareness month. Since I personally know people who are affected by it, and are dear to my heart, I have decided to participate in the Autism Speaks walk. It takes place in October. I will be walking on October 23, 2016, for everyone affected by Autism, especially those whom are my friends and family. One in particular, Mark Jr. (aka Markie), is whom inspired me. I met him many years ago through his father. Markie is so adorable, spunky, and loves attention. Unfortunately, he most likely will end up in a group home, and always wear diapers because of the severity of his case. I love him just the same.

I know it is only February, and October is eight months away, I thought I would start working on getting donations early. My goal is to raise $5000 in donations. If I raise more than that, that is even better.  I usually do not do this, but, I will make an exception. If you would like to donate to my Autism Speaks walk campaign, please follow the link below that I provide. It does not matter whether you donate $1 or $200. Any size of donation affordable is welcome. If you cannot donate, your support is just as great of a donation, in my humble opinion. I invite you to share my link with others. Every little bit helps.

My Autism Speaks Walk Page

Thank you all for your support, donations, and being a part of my life. That does not just cover the Autism Speaks walk. It covers being my friends, followers, and readers too. I truly appreciate every one of you.


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