Day 9: Blogging 101 (B)

This assignment was simple. I love it!

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

For today’s assignment, I decided to re-visit a blog entry I had previously commented on. In a previous post, I mentioned Four Foxes, One Hound. When I joined WordPress, on September 2010, I was looking for blogs that were about writing. After searching aimlessly, and trying to figure out how to work WordPress, I found one. The name of the blog trapped me in its web of delight. The beauty of it? It is the original, first blog I ever followed. I do not regret it. I am glad to have found it.

The post I commented on is Winter? Not fun. Patricia Kiyono spoke about how winter affects her and feelings about it. She also asked if anyone had a particular winter tradition they followed. I had to jump on that one. When I was born, it snowed on my birthday. Every year after that, for about seven years, it snowed on it. For some reason, this always made me feel like I was special. It finally came to an end, which saddened me. Over the years, the only tradition I had was building a snowman, from the first snow of the season.

Do you have a winter tradition?


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