Revamping My Blog

Today, I tried another theme. It is called  Ascetica. This theme is not too bad. I prefer simplistic themes over outrageous ones. That is just how I am.

Once my husband and I get ourselves settled, and a routine going, I plan on revamping my blog. I will be adding pictures to my posts and better tags. With as many posts as I have written over the past three months, it will take a while. All I can do, is ask all of my wonderful readers to bear with me, during this time. You are welcome to offer your suggestions as well. Your input is important to me.

I hope that by the time everything is done, I have finally settled on an appropriate theme. One I can live with for a while, and that also compliments what my blog is about. Keep in mind, I am staying FAR away from the themes I deem horrendous. Good lord, some are super horrible.

The new work week starts tomorrow. I will do my best to keep my blog up to date daily. Otherwise, I may just have to blog on weekends. Personally, I prefer the daily option. We will see.

May the second week of the new year, be just as good or better, as your first.


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