Day 4: Blogging 101 (B)

I am almost caught up again. Woohoo! If I cannot do anything else, I have catching up blog entries down to an art.

Today’s Assignment: publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

For the fourth assignment in Blogging 101, I wanted to add a YouTube video.

I am a writer of many things. However, my main focus is writing for children. This can be a poem, short story, or depending on the child’s age, a how-to piece.

I am always wanting to learn more about my craft. So, I did a search on YouTube. I went looking for videos on writing children’s stories. This is a simple, and to the point, video I found. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It is basic, yet what is said is true in nature, in regards to children’s writing.

I am going to hunt down some more videos like this! I feel, that by doing so, it will help me to grow as a writer. Watching videos pertaining to my craft are also educational. There is no such thing as too much learning.

What are some of your favorite videos about writing children’s books?


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