Day 1: Blogging 101 (B)

The first day of the new Blogging 101 course has begun. Since I have taken one of the Blogging 101 courses already, I will be labeling the posts associated with the second course with the letter B, to save you the confusion.

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post on your blog.

I am Cindy. I have been a writer for over twenty years. Over the years, I have lost a lot of my work. I do not have twenty plus years worth of work to show. This truly makes me sad. I know a lot of it probably stunk, but, at least I was writing. I have been published in a couple of anthologies. I have also received a couple of Editor’s Choice Awards.

I am a children’s writer. My ultimate goal, as a writer, is to be a published children’s author. I want to write for children and teenagers. Lord knows how they could use all the love, and positive vibes, they can get! The generations of today need a positive role model. With all the violence, bullying, and things of that nature going on in the world, our children could use that lift above all the negativity!

The main focus of A Writing Life for Me is writing. This includes contest listings, posts on specific aspects of writing, and occasional guest posts about writing related topics. Secondary to that, I may do a monthly book review post or take writing related questions from you, my readers, and give the best answer I possibly can. I love to help others in the writing craft. We writers (that includes bloggers – it is a form of writing) and authors need to stick together. Writing can be a lonely craft.

What do you think? Would you like to see a question and answer post? If so, how often would you suggest? How about a monthly book review? I cannot wait to read your responses!

Have a wonderful 2016!




7 thoughts on “Day 1: Blogging 101 (B)

  1. I love this and agree that children and teens need more positivity in their lives. I’m a bit of a newb to writing. I have a MA in history and thought about writing history for the children’s level but I am sure it’s been done before. I’d love to get a book out on my struggles with surviving domestic violence and no self-esteem. I’ll work towards that this year. Good luck I look forward to reading more!

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    • My advice on writing historical books for children? Do your research to see what is out there. Once you do that, then look to see if you can find a unique spin on that subject. 🙂

      Yes, work on that. Break down the project into smaller tasks. Go from there, Stephie.

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  2. Best of wishes with all your ventures and your enthusiasm duly rewarded.
    A monthly book review would be interesting. It’s a good discipline for writing in general having to convey to the reader accurate information on the subject matter, a constructive review (professional critics seems to have a problem there) and an overall assessment all in a small space.

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