Update for the Year 2016

My husband and I made it to Arizona safe. The drive was twenty-eight hours long. We rested at the halfway points for our trips – Texas and our destination. I am grateful to God for keeping us safe and making this journey smooth.

Unfortunately, we were unable to take pictures along the way. Plus, we fell behind four and a half hours, in regards to leaving out on this journey. The weather was rainy most of the time. Thankfully, we did not have to deal with snow. My husband and I took the southern route, as opposed to the northern route. We left a day later than originally planned, to avoid the Goliath storm system. I am glad we did.

Although I did not get to take pictures, or write down each place we went through to get here, I am happy to be here. The trip was uncomfortable because I was cramped up in the car without foot room. *laughs* This entire journey is worth all the discomfort of moving across the country. This is a chance my husband and I could not pass up. It is the break we need to finally become stable, financially and otherwise.

The best part? We got to our destination (just barely) before New Year’s Day. So, we rang in the new year with my father-in-law, his wife, and their children. It was such a wonderful surprise. I did not think we would make it in time, but we did.

So, I raise up my glass of Coca-Cola and make a toast. To the year 2016…Year of new beginnings, fresh start, and a clean slate. A blank canvas to paint the life of our dreams on and make them reality.

Here is my toast to you:

I make this toast, for the year 2016, to all of my blogger friends. I wish you luck, success, peace, love, security, and all that is good. May this year, and all of your endeavors, be your best masterpieces yet. God Bless You All.


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