The Year 2016

It is the end of 2015. We are only a few days away from 2016. It is a time for new beginnings. It is another chance for us to follow our dreams.

The new year brings a new move. An opportunity was offered to my husband and I. It is one that is wise to take. We get a fresh start, in a new place. The moving part is a pain in the rear. My husband and I will be moving to Arizona, and have jobs already waiting for us. God bless his father. Otherwise, I do not know what would happen to us. Only God could have made this come our way.

This is why I am taking the time to write this post, for all of my followers, who have become an important part of my life. I wanted to write this post before my husband and I get on the road. The journey is a twenty-eight hour drive. I do not know if we will have internet access where we stay at the halfway point.

I started this blog about a month ago. I had no idea that I would get any followers. Honestly, I was not sure if I would get any reads or follows at all. During this time, I have been blessed with the gain of wonderful followers. It is a nice surprise!

Thank you all for reading, following, and sharing my blog. Without you, as much as I love to write, I probably would not have made it this far. When blogging, or trying to keep a diary, I have always been sporadic. However, each day that goes by, I am excited to write in this blog. Why? Because of you. I enjoy writing and blogging. Most of all, I enjoy sharing my journey with you. Hopefully, as a bonus, others are inspired.

I truly appreciate your loyalty and support. And, although I may be MIA for a little bit (due to the move), I will be thinking about you all. I will get back to blogging regularly. I promise. Yes, I know that this is my writing blog, but…I will most likely update you all about the move – when I can. All I can say right now is this…It is nerve-racking! I have never moved across the country before, just within my home state.

I was gifted a journal for Christmas. What I plan to do is simple. Write down each place we go through, take pictures, and maybe write a brief description of what is seen along the way. I will have plenty of ideas for children’s stories, right? I am looking forward to this new adventure.

Aren’t you?



16 thoughts on “The Year 2016

  1. Yeah..blogging has given my life a different dimension all together. I on the same page as you. I miss people who follow me and whom I follow, if I don’t blog for more than a day. You get to see beautiful pictures, read wonderful poems and blogs, get a sneak peak into what people are going through and then…you learn. That’s the best part. We learn to see our problems as lesser a problem and get inspired by how the other person overcame his/her problem.
    I am so happy for you and your husband. Have you seen the movie Arizona Dreams?

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    • We were not able to take pictures during the twenty-eight hour drive. We fell four and a half hours behind on leaving. Plus, we had to be here by January 1, 2016. However, once my husband and I get settled in, we plan on visiting the closest states we went through during this cross-country move. 🙂


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