Day 5: Blogging 101 (A)

Today, find an interesting conversation and reply to other comments, rather than to the post.

I found it hilarious when I read this assignment. With all the commenting on blogs, and responding to conversations, I had it complete a LONG time ago! In fact, I completed two assignments at the same time – without knowing it.

This course has been fun. I have found new blogs and made new blogging friends. Blogging 101 was educational, entertaining, enlightening, fun, helpful, and interesting. I can see myself taking it again – even though I have completed it once already.

I look forward to blogging more. I love to write. I love to blog. You cannot get better than that. Well, yes, you can. That “better than that” being to actually be a published author of children’s books.

What have you thought of my blog so far?


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