Day 4: Blogging 101 (A)

Today, leave a comment that disagrees with a post’s premise or challenges a post’s ideas… but respectfully!

I find it funny that I completed two assignments in one fell swoop. I had commented on a blog post for Day 2 of Blogging 101.

See the following blog post:

Day 2: Blogging 101

Well, one of my course mates, responded to the post. It went on for miles. I disagreed in a nice way and it was a win-win situation. I would post the link to that here, but, after so many days The Commons will be closed. Once the week given to participants, is up, to post their completed assignments.

Isn’t that called serendipity or something?

Anyway, I am glad to have participated in Blogging 101. I will probably take many of the other courses offered by Blogging University. It is so much fun and is a great way to break that blogger’s block.


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