Day 6: Blogging 201

After two days of going into work super early (for me – we are talking 6:00 a.m.), and crashing for the rest of the day, I have another round of catching up on my blogging to do. At least, I do have times when I stay on track.

Today’s Assignment: pick one social network you’ll use to help grow your blog. Then, outline a plan for how you’ll use it.

For this assignment, I chose to create a Twitter widget. Let me tell you, that was a pain in my rear. I spent almost an hour or so, just trying to get it right. I was glad when it was over. Whew!

With the blogging courses I am taking, and the book on blogging I am reading, the experience is becoming more and more pleasant. I have always loved to learn – even though I cannot remember everything I read. Memorization? Ha! Good one! I could use some rewiring of my brain for that one.

For my plan, I still will write daily. However, once a week, I may do a book review here. You know, change it up a bit. It is said, “Variety is the Spice of Life.” I may also write a post about a specific writing topic. What that topic is, I am not sure of yet.

What would you like to see included here?



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