Should I REALLY Enter this Writing Competition?

I went to the Writer’s Digest website. Each year, there is a writing competition and many categories to choose from. I saw a few categories I was interested in. No surprise, right? I mean, I just went from participating in Picture Book Idea Month to Blogging 201. Does that make me ambitious? Yes, in a way, it does. Personally, I want to become a better writer and improve my craft. By participating in the above activities, I feel I have done just that – gotten better at what I do. And, it also helps me to branch out into other writing projects.

Here is my question: should I REALLY enter the Writer’s Digest 85th Annual  Writing Competition? The whole idea of it terrifies me. There are so many people that I am competing against. Do I even stand a chance at getting the top prizes? A part of me wants to say that I do, but, “Negative Nancy” is trying to convince me otherwise. Unfortunately, it looks like that is the way I am going. It is a good thing I have a while to get the entry in. On the other hand, the longer I wait, the more chance I have of not entering this competition, out of fear. How will I know, if I do not try, right? Who knows? Maybe I will win. All I have to do is try my best.

Wow! It is the eighty-fifth anniversary of this competition! I have been reading that magazine since the early to mid 1990s. I was still in high school! I loved Writer’s Digest then, and I still do now. I think I might get a subscription to it. Hmm. While I am at it, maybe I can add The Writer and Poets & Writer’s magazine to the queue. What is my top priority? Writer’s Digest of course! I love their books too!

To learn about the writing competition that terrifies me, follow this link to teleport there. Scotty, beam them up! Or over. That works too.

Writer’s Digest 85th Annual Writing Competition

Will I participate? You will just have to wait and see. Don’t you just love the anticipation?




22 thoughts on “Should I REALLY Enter this Writing Competition?

  1. Hi Cindy. Had to smile reading your post as even by the end of it you were going off on a tangent from trying to decide whether to enter the contest or not. We love to throw our own writing roadblocks up, don’t we? May I make a suggestion? Don’t go into it thinking of it as a competition. Go into with the idea of getting the experience of competing. Every time you do that it will take some of the fear out of it. In the meantime you will have been able to relax and enjoy what you’re doing. JMO. 😀

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