Day 1 of Blogging 201

Somehow, I missed the first assignment of the week. I will blame it on the Chinese Christmas party my husband and I had to go to. His family’s tradition for over twenty years. Here I am, sitting at my desk playing my favorite game, the “Catch Up Game.” Remember my PiBoIdMo 2015 version?

Today’s assignment asks the big question, What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Write down three concrete goals.

1. Share my writing journey with others. Writing is such a lonely craft. The camaraderie between fellow writers is welcome. By sharing my journey with others, I want my comrades to be comfortable with their growth in this field. We writers can grow together, as well as support each other during the process.

2. Inspire and educate others. Every writer has been there. They come up with an idea and start writing about it. All of a sudden, BAM, right into a brick wall. Not only does their inner critic attack them from all angles, it usually leads them to give up. I hope that my blog inspires all writers to keep going, when all seems lost. I also hope to educate them by sharing articles I find helpful. These articles can range from how to jump-start the creative juices to the proper way to submit a contest entry. There is no such thing as too much education – especially if you are a writer like me.

3. Keep updates about my progress on contests entered, writing challenges, works-in-progress, publications, and so forth. I love to participate in writing challenges. They help keep me disciplined as a writer, even if I have to play catch up now and then. These challenges also help me come up with more ideas than before. I have entered some contests, but, it is a terrifying experience. Why? I become my own worst enemy. I tell myself that I do not stand a chance at getting chosen. There are too many contestants against me. You know, the whole “Negative Nancy” thought process. Of course, I have to stop myself. Otherwise, I may never enter anything ever again! I also want others to know that although writing is time consuming, that it is worth it. If you get published, that is great. It lets other writers know that it IS possible. If not, at least you tried. Just keep sending those manuscripts, poems, and so forth in. Your dream will come true when it is the right time.


6 thoughts on “Day 1 of Blogging 201

  1. Look at you!!! I’m proud of how far you’ve come in such little time. I believe PiBoIdMo inspired you beyond what was intended! I just received a notice that the book you recommended to me is on its way! =) As I’m not such a good blogger, I’m hoping it will inspire me. Blog on, my friend!

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    • Thanks, Vicki. You are one of my top supporters. 🙂 It was YOU who told me about PiBoIdMo anyway. I cannot thank you enough. 🙂

      Oh, good! I cannot wait to hear what you think about it. You are going to LOVE it.

      I intend to blog on. 🙂

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