Oh, PiBoIdMo, How I Miss You

We are seven days into December. I am missing the PiBoIdMo 2015 challenge already. I think I started missing it, when I knew that Day 30 had arrived.

I am thankful to my friend, Vicky, for telling me about this challenge. If not for her, I would have never known about it. I really enjoyed PiBoIdMo. The articles posted were helpful, enlightening, and some even hilarious. I loved how supportive the guest agents and authors were of the participants. The tips offered were priceless. They helped us think in different ways. Which is great when you get stuck.

PiBoIdMo helped light a fire under me again. My desire to write for children and teenagers has never been stronger. I learned things during this challenge as well. For example, one of the posts I read, listed fears for the various age groups. This is a helpful guide! Another post listed a character description sheet to fill in to develop your character. Some of the headings were flaws, fears, and hobbies. Every writer needs a copy that sheet! My notebook was almost filled to the max. Thank goodness I have backup spiral notebooks! I have more than thirty picture book ideas, that is for sure! I will definitely be participating again next year.

Here is a list of my TOP favorite articles written during the PiBoIdMo 2015:

Marcie Wessels Gives You Permission to Play

David Michael Slater Listens

Tammi Sauer Fills in the Blanks

Jessixa Bagley Activates Her Muse

Denise Fleming Holds On to Those Stinkers

Katya Szewczuk Plays Pretend

Carolyn Fisher Switches Hats

Jesse Klausmeier Shuffles the Deck

AJ Smith Goes Over the Limit

Paula Yoo Explores Non-Fiction Biographies

Arree Chung Gets an Idea OUT and Makes it Work

Kim Norman Goes Mad

I know that this is a large list. However, I feel these were the most helpful articles posted during PiBoIdMo 2015.

What articles did you find the most helpful during PiBoIdMo 2015?

Post them in a comment below. I would love to know which ones were the most helpful to you.

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