Day 28 of PiBoIdMo 2015

I am almost caught up on my PiBoIdMo progress reports! Hallelujah! I can catch up!

Day 28 of the PiBoIdMo – with two more days to go. I am still excited about this challenge. Twenty-eight days in! This is the most excitement I have felt, for a writing challenge, in a while. That is always a good sign. Plus, I only have two more progress reports to catch up on.

The author of the day was Paula Yoo. Another lengthy article, but, I am glad! It was full of details and thorough. Paula spent the whole article talking about her normal process of writing non-fiction picture book biographies. Let me tell you, her process will work for any type of writing! On top of that, she gave examples and offered tips on the process! For example, on how she comes up with her picture book ideas, one of the options were:

  • KEEP CURRENT: Read books. Pay attention to the news (social media, TV news, newspapers/magazines).

Another example, is the step following the creation of her idea, research.

  • DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Read/watch books, articles, documentaries, movies, youtube clips, etc. related to your idea/non-fiction subject.

You know what, for your enjoyment, I will include two more examples from Paula. My third example is the first draft of her story.

  • NUTS & BOLTS: As I write, I try to be mindful of using strong, active verbs, specific word choices and vivid descriptions. I make sure there are a variety of sentence lengths from short to long to keep the rhythm alive in my text.

And, finally, Paula on revision:

  • FACT CHECKING: Because this is non-fiction, I will double-check my footnotes and bibliography to make sure every single fact is accounted for by a primary or secondary source. You can even do follow-up interviews with your sources, too.

These, and the other suggestions offered in her article, are priceless jewels to the writer. I am so grateful that this article was written. It came at the right time for me. With the PiBoIdMo challenge, and all the ideas that I came up with, questions of how to write that book I wanted kept bombarding me. I wondered how to start, what the best way was to go about writing my book, and things of that nature. Now, I have a blueprint of how to go about it.

This article can be found at the following link:

Paula Yoo Explores Non-Fiction Biographies

I highly recommend this article to all writers. It is helpful and chock full of fantastic tips.


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