Day 27 of PiBoIdMo 2015

I have two more days of progress to blog about for PiBoIdMo. I am catching up slowly but surely.

Yay! Another day completed of the challenge! I still have not given up. Boy, I am proud of myself. I cannot help it. This has been a wonderful change to experience. I mean, for me not to give up halfway through PiBoIdMo, that says a lot.

The author for Day 27 was Kelly DiPucchio. In light of Thanksgiving, she threw her own “dinner party.” Who were her guests? Various picture book characters of course! I bet that Thanksgiving was memorable!  This was an innovative idea on creating multi-dimensional characters that are not flat, but unforgettable. As much as I love bacon, I would have to make bacon bits out of her character, Bacon. He is too arrogant for my tastes. Now, a cute, little green alien would not bother me. Well, as long as his agenda did not include abducting me for experimental purposes. Sophie is would definitely be my “bestie.” I love making new friends. I think Kelly is on to something, with putting various picture book characters in the same room, and to see what happens. How is that, for being a cornucopia of new ideas, waiting to be harvested at their ripening moment? I am in!

I am grateful for Kelly’s article. It gave me a new perspective to work from. It is like making something old, be brand new again. I will definitely have to try her idea out. There is no telling what kind of debacle could erupt, between the chosen bunch of characters. Will my house still be in tact after it is all over? I cannot answer that, but, I sure hope so.

If you would like to read the article for Day 27, here is your gateway to one heck of an entertaining experience:

Kelly DiPucchio Throws a Dinner Party

Cranberry sauce anyone?

I hope this article inspires you, just as much as it did me. Good luck in all you do.


7 thoughts on “Day 27 of PiBoIdMo 2015

      • My pleasure – I’m so glad you were pleased to receive it! Anyone who is nominated has indeed won – it is received by all nominated so feel free to post the badge on your site! Just about to check out the facts…

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      • Oh, really! That means I need to edit my post then! I list fifteen blogs, then nominate one, right?

        I hope you do not mind my perusing your site to get that badge downloaded before posting.

        How did you get it to work on yours – with positioning and so forth?

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      • That is fine to use the badge on my site. I put mine on my post by clicking ‘add media’ and uploading the photo and then positioning it where i wanted. I also put one on my ‘about’ page as it shows people what you have won.
        Every one of the 15 blogs you have nominated have all received the award and won it – there is no need to single out one.
        Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any more details. 🙂

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