Day 26 of PiBoIdMo 2015

I am catching up on my progress report for the last four challenges of Picture Book Idea Month. Three more to go after this. I just love how life hinders my blogging routine sometimes.

My notebook’s tank is about to reach “full” by the time the PiBoIdMo challenge is through. Heck, it might even overflow…into another notebook! Twenty-six days of articles read and ideas penned to paper. There has been a real abundance of inspiration. I love it! I made it this far and have not given up. My writing discipline – of reading articles daily and writing down ideas – is still in tact. The only issue has been blogging my progress daily. However, I do not mind writing multiple posts. At least I have caught up either way and am still excited!

The author for Day 26 was Pat Zietlow Miller. Today, she spoke about how ideas can come from the weirdest moments. The point of the article was in response to that “million dollar” question all writers get asked, “Where do writers get their ideas?” The answer is simple: writers get their ideas from everywhere – even the weirdest moment that belongs on the “World’s Weirdest Moments Countdown” list. Yes, I made that list up myself.

Pat mentioned a woman who was on a subway train. During the ride, a grape came rolling down the aisle, and this woman noticed it. According to the article, “She can’t figure out where it came from, but appreciates the absurdity of the moment enough to write a letter to the New York Times.” That is a major impact on a person, if they write to the New York Times about that grape!

I can only imagine the look on the editor’s face when he or she received it. No offense, but, I would have probably burst out laughing for a minute. After all, that is not a normal occurrence, right? On the other hand, I would have appreciated the whole situation. Why? Because it would remind me that any moment in life – no matter how absurd, crazy, or nonsensical (use whatever word you want here) – can be the “holy grail” of a story. Take that sucker and run, until your legs finally give out!

After reading this article, I had a realization. Even though I may not think a moment I have experienced – no matter how strange, plain, or unimportant it is (even scary) – there is a story just waiting to be written. Who knows what will come of it. Maybe a picture book, early reader, or something else. There is no such thing as an unimportant moment.

To read this article, go to the following link:

Pat Zietlow Miller Watches for Rolling Grapes

I will close this post with the following piece of Pat’s article:

“Some writers carry notebooks to jot down rolling grapes when they see or hear them. Others keep the grapes corralled in their heads. Do whatever works for you, but notice those grapes. They just might end up in the best fruit salad you ever created.”

What story can you squeeze from a moment in life?


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