Day 24 of PiBoIdMo 2015

Yes! I made it to Day 24 and am on my way to Day 25! This is awesome! PiBoIdMo is winding down. It saddens me that the end of it is near. I have truly enjoyed this challenge. I have read many articles over the last twenty-four, going on twenty-five days. The authors and agents have been helpful, supportive, and our biggest cheerleaders during PiBoIdMo. Their articles have been wonderful and inspiring too. I still have the Pre-PiBoIdMo articles to read. However, that can wait until I have completed this. I am glad I signed up. Thanks Vicki!

The author of Day 24 was Jesse Klausmeier. The focus of her article, were those days when we do not feel like writing anymore. You know how that goes. You write, and before long, exhaustion sets in. You are burned out and just do not want to write anything else. Or, your brain has been fried from working in overdrive, with some project in progress. Jesse has a wonderful suggestion for us. Get index cards! Does that sound familiar? It should, because on Day 12, Denise Fleming wrote about index cards in her article. Remember, she had many boxes worth of them! Jesse broke down the index cards this way.

Our notecards will cover the four essential ingredients for a story:

  1. Character
  2. Setting
  3. Goal
  4. Obstacle

Make at least five notecards for each ingredient, and give yourself a range within each category, from general to specific.

The character category can include a generic boy, or something super specific like, the world’s loudest burper.

Setting can be a precise place, like Beth’s Toy Shop, or it can be an entire season, like winter.

The goal cards are what our characters want to achieve, and the obstacles are what stand in their way. A goal could be putting the star on top of the Christmas tree, or something universal, like acceptance. Obstacles could be grand, like fear, or explicit, like Uncle Frank.

I rather like this use of note cards. It reminds me of the “Memory” card game I used to play. Except, instead of matching pictures, we writers are creating story scenarios – a nice twist. I also enjoyed the examples she gave.

Two days ago, I went and bought 100 index cards. Of course, I had to choose the ruled version. Otherwise, someone would get a crick in their neck, trying to read my sloping handwriting. laughs So it does not feel like work, I am going to make it into a game. Make it fun. Maybe it will inspire my husband to start writing again. I cannot wait to see what I come up with. This is going to be fun.

To read Jesse’s article, here is the link:

Jesse Klausmeier Shuffles the Deck

Write on everyone!


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