Day 23 of PiBoIdMo 2015

Yay! I made it to Day 23 of PiBoIdMo! It is hard to believe how far I have come. The road has been full of potholes, but I filled those suckers in and made it to where I am now. I have quite a collection of picture book ideas in my notebook. The excitement is still there and I look forward to each day of the challenge. That is an amazing feeling.

Katy Duffield was the author of the day. She has ALWAYS wanted to write picture books, yet others have tried to deter her from that dream. As hard as she tried, the negative statements being thrown at her, seemed to bring her down. That is not uncommon. Once you are told something enough, you begin to believe it. Katy went on to describe, in her article, other writing paths she followed because of it. The dreams of writing picture books for children were buried in the darkest crevice of her mind. Over time, that dream started making itself known again, more and more, until it got through to her. Finally, after putting all of what the “Negative Neds and Nancys” out there said, Katy decided to give it another try. Way to go, Katy!  She re-dedicated herself to that one true writing love of hers – writing picture books. No dream is too big or small to follow. Go for it! Her advice to all of us writers?

“Don’t give up!”
“Believe in yourselves!”
“If picture books are your passion—write them!”

And NEVER let anyone tell you: “You can’t.”

All of that advice is great. However, it is not easy to follow. I will be the first to admit that there have been times I gave up. Perfect example: NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I participated in this challenge multiple times, but, due to the major stress and minimum word count a day, I had to just say I am done. Writing 50,000 words in thirty days, at a minimum of 1,667 words a day EVERY day, is just too much. Not everyone can write like that, but, at least I tried. Another thing that got me was my own negative self-talk. “I can’t,” “This is too much,” and statements of that nature, were constantly spoken. I did not believe in myself either. Maybe, someday in the future, I will give it another go. Who knows? I might reach the minimum daily word count AND the 50,000 words – without giving up on the next try. Until then, I will work on other projects while also working on my negative self-talk, and try to turn it into a positive instead.

Here is the article link for your reading pleasure:

Katy Duffield Doesn’t Let Anyone Tell Her She Can’t

I hope you enjoy the article as much as I did. Good luck in all of your endeavors – writing and otherwise. Write on!



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