Day 22 of PiBoIdMo 2015

I have a lot of blogging about my progress to do. Don’t you just love how life throws a monkey wrench in your writing and blogging routine? Then, you cannot help but fall behind at that moment, and play catch up later? At least I wrote down my ideas for each day. Hallelujah! Despite all the catching up I have to do, I must admit that I still am enjoying the PiBoIdMo challenge.  The articles for each day are one of my favorite parts because of the inspiration and guidance offered.

The author for Day 22 was Anna Staniszewski. She spoke about experiences involving trying to compliment her friends, yet it came out all wrong. It seems she is not the only one to have that problem. There are times when I try to compliment someone or speak, but am unable to come up with the right words to use. It can be frustrating knowing what one wants to say, but not being able to put it in the right words. The bright side to Anna’s experiences is this: picture book ideas came out of the debacle. At least something good came out of it, right? She mentioned some of her quirks of being a writer as well. One being that she likes to speak in a robot voice. I like it. One of her books, “Dogosaurus Rex,” was a result of a morning “jaunt” with her dog, Rex. Anna points out that we should not be embarrassed, if we say or do something, that makes another person “scratch their heads.” In that moment, a story idea could pop out at you. Catch it and write it down!

As for me, I find myself starting to do that. It can be something silly my husband does or says, or some off-the-wall statement I may make. There is still a possibility that a story could come out of it. I always keep a pad of paper and pen (pencils work too) near me. If I do not, I run the risk of forgetting whatever idea may come to mind. I am already kicking myself, for ideas lost over the years, because of that inner critic we all love to hate.

If you would like to read this article, please go here:

Anna Staniszewski is Terrible at Parties

I will close my post with a quote from Anna:

“So don’t be embarrassed next time you do or say something that makes others scratch their heads. Grab a pencil and write it down! You never know where that bit of strangeness will lead you.”


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