Blogging For Authors: What It Really Is

Thanks to Writer’s Treasure Chest, I was made aware of this article. Thanks Aurora!

Since I liked it so much, I decided to share it with you.

Just like Aurora, I found Veronica Bale’s article, Blogging For Authors: What It Really Is, to be both helpful and informative. Her advice is solid and any author would benefit from reading this. I highly recommend it.

Time for me to find more ways to make my blog better. This is going to be some experience. laughs

I invite you to not only follow my blog, but the blogs of Aurora and Veronica. Here is a link for your convenience.

Aurora Alexander’s blog

Veronica Bale’s blog


Veronica Bale's Blog

Author friends: Do you blog? Are you thinking about implementing it into your marketing strategy? A word of caution if you are—for your blog to be effective, the majority of your posts should not be about you or your books.

… Huh???

I know. Sounds kind of backwards, right? But the truth about blogging is that it does not immediately convert visits to book sales. Yet so many authors expect their blogs to perform this exact magical feat. As Jane Friedman, CEO and Co-Founder of Open Road Integrated Media (an e-book sales and marketing agency) points out, “Unfortunately, many authors pursue blogging without any understanding of the medium, and also as little more than a means to an end.”

Blogging is a long-term strategy, a round-about strategy. Its goal is to create loyalty, not purchases, and this isn’t always the easiest strategy to comprehend. No, wait … scratch that. It’s not always…

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