Day 21 of PiBoIdMo 2015

I have done it again. What, you may ask? I wrote down my ideas for each day of the PiBoIdMo challenge, but did not post the update. Now, I have two days to write about. At least I completed the challenges, right? I look forward to each day of PiBoIdMo. You know it is bad, if I am thinking about it at work. I am definitely a writer and love to write.

For Day 21 of PiBoIdMo, the author was Nancy Tupper Ling. Her article was all about observation and inspiration. Believe me, it was not boring, like one may think. Inspiration and observation go hand-in-hand when writing. Really, for any time one pursues something, whether it be drawing, building that dream house, or anything else. Nancy shared the experiences that inspired her book ideas. My most favorite inspiration from Nancy’s life, for her books, was a little girl with Down syndrome named Alicia. She is such a beautiful and cute little girl. The book based on this is titled, “My Sister, Alicia May.” I believe that I will buy that one first. When I was a child, I had a neighbor whose son had Down syndrome. The other books mentioned in Nancy’s article were inspired by a poem and daydream, respectively. This reminds me – again – as have many prior articles in this challenge, that inspiration is everywhere. Also, you might have a poem idea that, once written down, works better as a book instead.

As a writer, I think I observe pretty well. However, although I have not perfected the art of observation, I should train myself to be more aware. Instead of just passing life by, really watch what is going on and pay better attention. There is no telling how many ideas I have lost over the years. I will probably have a permanent shoe print on my butt, from kicking myself, for all those ideas lost. I will be more of an alert people watcher too. Snippets of conversation, actions being done, and living life in general, will all generate ideas for picture books. Our task will be writing it right and making sure it touches our readers.

Here is your link to Nancy’s article:

Nancy Tupper Ling Observes and Dreams

I will close my post, with a special message from Nancy:

“So here’s to your 21 ideas, and to this observation-making, poem-tackling, dream-weaving journey. Looks like you’re on the way to your next story!”



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