Day 20 of PiBoIdMo 2015

So, I am a bit late with posting my progress. I blame it on my job because of the late shifts.  Today, I am happy to say, that my notebook is still getting filled up with ideas. That is so amazing to me! To all of my fellow PiBoIdMoers out there, I hope your notebook is getting just as much a workout as mine! I wish you the best of luck too.

The Day 20 blogger for this challenge was Carolyn Fisher. The photo her article starts with is actually one of her personal drawings. And, boy, does she love to wear hats! A LOT of them! Carolyn also had “3.5 suggestions” to offer all writers. They were great ideas. I especially like her idea about changing her hats.

” Draw for a while instead of writing. Write for a while instead of drawing. Change locations from my studio to a coffee shop.”

That should get us back on track, right? Carolyn’s suggestions made me think – again. Gosh, all this thinking makes my brain hurt! It is hard to choose my favorite, but, if I must choose…

“3.5 Draw or write in drafts.”

As the drafts are drawn, Carolyn uses darker colored pencils. This layering is used as her way to see how her story – ideas and all – have developed over time. I like it! Hmm, that sure is another good way to overcome writer’s block!

When I read these articles, posted by the various guest authors and agents for PiBoIdMo, I take them to heart. I know that by doing so, it helps me to grow as a writer. Being a writer, and writing in general, is a journey full of growth. We are always growing in our craft, and always learning. It is a never-ending process. I know it may get frustrating and hopeless, but, I refuse to let that stop me. I want to write, so by golly, I am going to write – even if it sounds stupid. All that matters is I am writing because I love it.

For your enjoyment, here is the link to Carolyn’s article:

Carolyn Fisher Switches Hats

I will end this post with my favorite quote from Carolyn:

“So don’t be afraid to draw or write something twice. Or more!”


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