Day 19 of PiBoIdMo 2015

Whoot! I made it to Day 19! I am so happy! I cannot believe it! This is great! For once, I made it halfway through a writing challenge, that lasts for thirty days! Because of my participation in PiBoIdMo, I had to buy a miniature notebook before I took a break. While I was working, my mind kept “talking” about possible ideas for a picture book. Try waiting on customers or making sub sandwiches, with your brain working overtime screaming, “Here is another good idea! Write it down! Let’s use it next!” Talk about being unable to focus! The job got done correctly, and customers were happy, so that is all that matters. Right?

Today’s article was written by Adam Lehrhaupt and Ame Dyckman. I must admit, this had to be one of the strangest posts I have read to date. Do not get me wrong; it was a great article. However, I had a hard time reading it. I reread it a few times over just to comprehend it. Adam and Ame gave good advice and suggestions. Their main point was to have an “extra head” (also known as a writing friend/partner). They gave suggestions on how to work, and best communicate, with your writing buddy. Whether you two team up for a project, just want to support one another, or hold one another accountable for various writing goals, it all has an important role to play. It is helpful, too, if you get stuck with your writing. That “extra head” can aid in getting you out of that rut. All in all, I did enjoy the article. It brought back memories, seeing the original “Sesame Street” videos, from my childhood. My favorite character was, is, and always will be, the Cookie Monster. I LOVE cookies – especially chocolate chip ones.

After reading this article, I began to think about who could be my “extra head.” I came up with a few writer friends. So, along with my ideas, I jotted them down in my notebook. All I have to do is approach them, and ask if they would like to join me in my writing journey. Who knows! Maybe we will come up with a project to collaborate on. As the old cliche goes, “Two heads are better than one.” This is very true. Time for me to get in touch with those people I wrote down! This is going to be fun.

If you would like to read this article, and I bet you do, follow this link:

Adam and Ame Say, “You Need An Extra Head!”

What are you waiting for? Go find your extra head! There are ideas out there – waiting to be snagged by YOU!

Write on!

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