Day 18 of PiBoIdMo 2015

Eighteen days! I have made it through eighteen days of a challenge! Now, that is what I call an accomplishment for myself! My PiBoIdMo journey has been a wonderful one. This is my first time participating in this challenge. Boy, am I glad that my friend told me about this! Just think, I would not have known about it otherwise. I am glad that I decided to sign up. Thanks Vicky!

The “author of the day” was Liza Woodruff. Her article made me laugh. An illustrator of many children’s books, now she gets to make her dream come true. Write and publish her own book! Today, Liza wrote about her first PiBoIdMo experience. How one of her ideas that resulted from it, came to fruition, and resulted in “Emerson Barks.” That dog of hers, Emerson, is something else. He loves to bark a lot too!

*Alert! Shameless plug! Everyone, please keep your eye on the bookshelves. The book will be published in August 2016.*

One of the things she said, made me think to myself, “So, I am not the only one who thinks that way.” I am referring to this statement,

“One other thing happens when I start writing down all of my ideas—I start thinking about picture books ALL THE TIME.

When this happens, I see potential everywhere and my brain starts to reframe everything as a story.”

Ever since I have begun the PiBoIdMo challenge, my mind is starting to work that way. It seems that an idea pops into my head randomly, whenever my husband and I are going somewhere, I see cats running around, or just watching the life all around me in constant motion. Anything can inspire a picture book idea. This may sound weird to say, but, I will say it anyway. I have always been a writer. However, it is only since this challenge, that my mind has actually tried to turn everything into a story. I used to not be that way. This is quite awkward for me. It is something new, but, I love it! I sure wish my mind would have thought that way years ago!

If you would like to read this article, and I hope you do, here is the link:

Liza Woodruff Learns to Look

I would like to close this post with Liza’s words:

“Thank you, PiBoIdMo, for opening my eyes to inspiration. It was there all along but I just had to learn how to look for it.”

Look for that inspiration. Do not just wait for it. Go find it! It will be another adventure to add to your “writer’s travel” belt. Good luck in all your endeavors.


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