Day 17 of PiBoIdMo

Hello Day 17! I am still going strong and on track with PiBoIdMo. Although I want to kick my computer in the face for posting my Day 16 on Day 17! At least it got posted, right?

Today’s blog article, by Ryan Hipp, was quite interesting. He wrote about what inspired him to write and draw. It was the things he loved. Some of these things included old cartoons Ryan had watched and books he read. He mentioned the “Smurfs.” I loved that show! To illustrate his love for these various “loves,” Ryan would draw or write about it, but bring the “love” into his work. This is what he had to say about his interests and how they find their way into various projects.

“As long as I can remember, I have found that my passion to write and draw came from the things that I loved…

I have always gravitated towards creating work that will homage the things I love. I will either hide little nods to my past in my writing or art, or in some cases I am completely literal…

I find inspiration in everything I love, and naturally, as an artist I want to honor and showcase what I love to tell the world more about me…

Its my way of showing my fanbase topics they may not even be aware of and giving these genres a new voice…”

This got me to thinking about my childhood. Of course, I found myself looking for clips of my favorite cartoons, and reliving that time of my life. Let me tell you, I did not realize how many cartoons I watched! I also went to the library today, and checked out a few books from the children’s section. I want to write for children and young adults. In order to write for them, I need to read the books already written with them in mind. It is something that we all need to do. How can you write for children and young adults, if you do not read in that genre? I cannot wait to crack open those books and devour them. Time for my next trip down memory lane. You are welcome to join me. There is plenty of room for everyone.

To read this article, here is your link:

Ryan Hipp Finds Inspiration in Every (Nerdy) Thing He Loves

Here is my gift to you for the day, today’s closing quote by Ryan Hipp:

“As writers and artists, it is important to take what we love—to take what inspires us—and let it reflect back to our audiences.”

Happy Writing!


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