Day 15 of PiBoIdMo 2015

Yippee! I am on Day 15 of the PiBoIdMo challenge and at the halfway mark! I cannot believe it! No, really, I cannot! I have not given up – despite spending most of my time, during the challenge, playing catch up! Partly, it is because of myself. The other “partly” is because I have friends and a husband supporting me. When I fell behind, and pretty much stayed there, they kept pushing me toward the finish line and believed in me. I am grateful for my wonderful cheerleading squad.

The author of the day, as I like to call it, was Carter Higgins. Her article begins by congratulating all the participants who have made it halfway through the challenge. What a nice way to start the day! She mentioned a question that her agent asks her regularly, and spent most of the article on it. I am glad she did. It makes you think.

Here is the question:

““I’d like to hear from you what YOU feel this story is about. You know, not a synopsis, but an about about.”

This was referred to in the article, by a question that Carter posed earlier, before what her agent always asked, as reversed engineering. This truly got me thinking. The “about about” of what I write, is the feeling behind it. Feelings could include loneliness, hopelessness, and numerous other things. What is the truth of the book? It is a good question for us writers to ask ourselves. I feel this helps us to write our book better and make more of an impact. Get to the heart of what you are writing. I think that I will ask myself this with every idea I come up with. It can only make it better. Carter’s words are wise to follow. We, as writers, can always use a new perspective to view our work from. Not only do we grow as a writer or author, but our books are better for it.

Here is the link for Carter’s article:

Carter Higgins Rewinds

I hope you find it as enlightening and helpful as I did.

I would like to close this post with one of my favorite quotes of Carter Higgins:

“And the about is certainly one beautiful, well-crafted thing, but the about about is what matters the most. What’s yours?”


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