Day 14 of PiBoIdMo 2015

I am almost at the halfway point in the PiBoIdMo challenge for this year. I have enjoyed the journey thus far. It has been enlightening, inspirational, and most of all, fun. I am grateful to my friend, Vicki, for having told me about this. Otherwise, I would have never known about it.

The author for Day 14 was Julie Gribble. There is even a video included with her article! I have to tell all of my readers to watch that video. It is a fun one. Julie spoke about how her readers were very short – and not in a demeaning way. That was just another way of describing the children she writes for. They are miniature, precious human beings.

Let’s face it, a kid’s perspective, when they are young, is pretty low. They cannot see over a tall fence, even though they are dying to find out what is behind it. Her point was that we need to look at life, from the perspective of a child. Sound familar? I bet it does, because a previous author, Joe McGee, mentioned the same thing in a previous article.

Children see what we, as adults, tend to miss. We are constantly in that adult, mature frame of mind. To get down to her readers’ level, she took a camera and held it 33″ above the ground, as she took a walk in Bryant Park (in New York City). It was a fresh way of looking at the world, through the eyes of a child. It was a walk filled with wonder, and in the end, she met up with her friend. I mean, that is what kids love to do anyway. They love to meet a friend and play.

I loved the video. I think I may watch it again. This video reminded me to play, to get out of my adult shell, and explore the world again, like I did when I was little. It will be hard to train myself to think like that, but, I bet it will get better over time. I just have learn how the switch works. Time for me to go play! You can come too!

Here is the link to this article, for your reading pleasure:

Julie Gribble Asks “How Tall is Your Reader?”

I hope this article helps you to connect with both your inner child and sense of wonder.


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