Day 13 of PiBoIdMo 2015

The magical number “13.” What a nice sight to see. I am still on track with each challenge. I love it!

Today, the divine message must be about inspiration. The blog article of the day was written by Sarvinder Naberhaus. It was all about what inspired her and her writing. The message was that inspiration is everywhere. That is the truth. All one has to do is just look around. Anything can become a picture book idea and turn into an actual book. Is that awesome or what!

What I gained from this article, was more or less a reminder for myself. That reminder being the same as the message, inspiration is everywhere. When I get writer’s block, I have to tell myself, “Girl, you know you do not have to deal with writer’s block, right? Look around you. Heck, write down a description of your favorite coffee mug, for that matter. Boom! Your writer’s block is no more.” In my honest opinion, I believe that writer’s block is just an excuse we use to procrastinate.

Keep in mind that this is only my opinion. This is not a personal attack on any writer out there that suffers from writer’s block. Every writer is different.

We always tell ourselves that tomorrow we can try again – which we can. But, when tomorrow comes, are you going to say that writer’s block has taken you hostage and will not let you write anything – again? It becomes a pattern. So, let us break that pattern together.

IF you get stuck with “writer’s block,” I offer this suggestion:

Look around you and write about whatever your eyes land on first. It can be the fan you use to keep the computer cool, your favorite coffee mug, even your cat Fluffy. Just write a description of whatever it is you see. That will help get you moving forward with your writing.

To read Sarvinder’s article, here you go:

Sarvinder Naberhaus Sees Inspiration All Around

Here is a quote from Sarvinder Naberhaus, that I would like to close my post with, to help you remember that inspiration is everywhere:

“I see miracles and inspiration all around me. I find them in the simple little things. I stop and look. When I write, that’s what inspires me, and then I hope it inspires you.”


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