Day 12 of PiBoIdMo 2015

The Day 12 challenge is now…Complete! Yay! I am back on track again – for now. What an exhilarating feeling to have gotten caught up.

Today’s article was written by Denise Fleming. She talked about how the ideas for her books result from every day life. She has to be the most organized writer ever. Denise has quite a collection of boxes filled with 4 x 6 inch cards. They range from ideas and phrases to character descriptions and sketches. Talk about organization and a good idea for ALL writers! One of the most important things she said was to write down ALL of your ideas. Do not throw any ideas away.

According to her,

” For every good idea there are 50 stinkers.”

That is true. But, there is some good news! Those “stinkers” could turn into better ideas down the road. How, you ask? Maybe a new perspective to write from. Or, you will end up tweaking some character that was already in mind. How do you like that! We writers could use all the breaks we can get, right?

Another of my favorite quotes was this:

“Even the stinkers may surprise you.”

Give those “stinkers” a second chance to prove themselves to you. There is no telling what kind of rebirth, like the phoenix, the ideas that were far-fetched will have.

If you would like to read this article, I will open the magical gateway for you:

Denise Fleming Holds On to Those Stinkers

Thanks to Denise, I may be going to Wal-mart this weekend – to get A LOT of 4 x 6 inch cards…AND a box for them! I do not think I will throw away any of my ideas again. I may regret that later, always wondering what could have been, if I had kept them.


4 thoughts on “Day 12 of PiBoIdMo 2015

  1. LOL… I have many stinkers in my notebooks. Sometimes, no matter how off-the-wall an idea sounds, I write it down because you never know what might transpire from it later on. So how are your going to organize your index cards. I am not a very organized person, so that would probably be too overwhelming for me to handle, lol. I just keep writing my ideas down in a notebook and every so-often, flip through them… until one jumps out at me, “Pick me! Pick me!” =) Another nice blog, Cindy, and now you are all caught up. YIPPEE!!! I’m sure that’s a fantastic feeling!

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    • Yes, Vicki, it is a fantastic feeling! To answer your question about how I would organize my index cards, here is what I was thinking. Remember the box to hold the cards I mentioned? Well, if I remember correctly, the cards can come in various colors, right? What I could do, is use the first card of each color pack and label it. For example, orange could be labeled “character names.” Or, pink can be “phrases.” You know, things like that. The same color cards behind the first, will be used for that only. All oranges would be for character names and so forth.

      You should get one of those 5-subject notebooks. Label each section with what it could be used for. The same principle. Do you remember, back in school, how we had to write on those tiny pieces of tab paper? Then, after we wrote on it, the tab would get pushed into the slot – even though it was a heck of a challenge to do so without bending it? Like that.

      I hope that helps.

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