Day 4 of PiBoIdMo 2015

*begins singing “Movin’ on up”* I have done it again! Another challenge is complete! It is a slow process, but, I am closer to being caught up with all six challenges. If I am lucky, I will have Day 5 and Day 6 complete by 11:59 p.m. tonight. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

As you know, there is a different blog article with each day of the PiBoIdMo challenge. I really enjoy reading them. Not only do I gather inspiration from each article, I pick up good tips offered by the author who wrote it. These articles make the challenge even more pleasant than it is already.

The article for Day 4 was written by Marcie Wessels. She shared something that seems to be universal among all writers…The fear of the blank page. It happens to all of us. You sit down at your desk with pen and paper (if you are old school like me), or at the computer, to write. Your intention is to write down all of your marvelous ideas or even part of a book project currently in progress. Just as soon as you put that pen to paper or your fingers on the keyboard, it happens. You come to a screeching halt. Why? That dastardly, maniacal, inner critic steps in front of your idea vehicle and just stops dead still – not moving. Then she starts running her mouth. “You think that idea is going to work? Ha!” “I hate to break it you girl, but that sentence just has all sorts of grammatical incorrectness written all over it.” “You are not good enough to be a writer.” Does this seem familiar to you? I bet it does! Here is a quote from Marcie Wessels that fits this scenario perfectly: “She’s already qualifying, judging, and editing the idea before it’s even written.” How can anyone write under these conditions? Mind you, stress to produce and be perfect does not help either. The advice Marcie offers is priceless.

“The ideas will come. It’s okay if they aren’t perfect.

Relax. Slow down. Open yourself up to inspiration. It’s all around you. Let it in. But take a step back, too. Give your imagination the time and the space and the room to create. Give yourself permission to play. Have fun!

And that inner critic? Invite her back when you have a first draft and it’s time to revise.”

With that in mind, for this challenge, I decided to come up with some mantras to repeat to myself – when my inner critic will not shut her mouth. You are welcome to borrow my mantras to combat her know-it-all syndrome. Turn those negative words into more positive ones. Show the inner critic that you are the boss.

  1. I am a good writer.
  2. My ideas are just as good as anybody else’s.
  3. The ideas come to me with ease.
  4. I can write.
  5. My inner critic does not control me, I control it.

To read Marcie Wessels article, follow the link provided below:

Marcie Wessels Gives You Permission to Play

I hope you find this article as inspiring and helpful as I do.


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