Day 2 of PiBoIdMo 2015

Another day’s worth of ideas and inspiration down, with three more to go to finally get caught up…if I do not fall behind again. Hopefully, everything will be in the clear once this day is over. If not, well, there is always tomorrow.

The guest for Day 2 was Josh Funk. His blog article spoke about bad ideas and how they can still work after all. We have all been there. We come up with an idea, think – even believe – that is perfect, until the following words pierce your eardrums, That idea is stupid. It will never work. There goes our dream to get published, right? Wrong! Even the most absurd idea can make a publishable AND marketable book. I know this because of the books Josh mentioned in his article. To give you an idea, here are a couple of their titles: Mustache Baby and Walter the Farting Dog. Yes, you read that right! When I saw that title, I burst out laughing so hard that I spit out my coffee. Talk about absurd titles!

This article was humorous, enlightening, and downright fun. Check it out for yourself. I bet you will burst out laughing too. Piece of advice though, swallow whatever it is you are drinking first, unless you want your notebook or keyboard to wear it.

Here is your link:

Josh Funk Dares You to Do Your Worst

Let those bad ideas loose!

2 thoughts on “Day 2 of PiBoIdMo 2015

    • Thank you Vicki for choosing my blog to read and follow. Thank you for telling me about the PiBoIdMo too. If you had not posted in the group forum, I would have never known about it. This challenge is fun!

      I enjoy reading the daily blog articles. They are both inspirational and enlightening. I post the links to the articles because I feel that other children’s writers will gain a lot of insight from them.

      I cannot wait to see where you go with this challenge. Good luck!

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